You will love the simplicity of these tips

Most people make New Year resolutions, but hardly anyone sticks to them for longer than a few weeks. Often they just take too much effort. But what if there was a way to improve your life without all the effort?

The list below contains 25 ways you can improve your life that are so effortless that you can implement them right away.

  1. If you get invited to an event that you don’t want to go to, politely decline. Life is too short to do things that you don’t enjoy.
  2. If you need to travel a short distance, always walk instead of taking the car. You could cycle if it’s a little longer. You’ll save money, help the environment and feel better for it.
  3. Always keep your phone in your pocket or bag at mealtimes. Focus on the food and the people you’re eating with.
  4. Remove social media apps from your phone. If that’s too difficult, remove them from your home screen.
  5. If you’re older, listen to the music from your youth. It will make you feel younger.
  6. Lift your mood by wearing brighter colored clothes. Dark clothes can make you feel more depressed.
  7. Keep your keys and wallet in the same place. That way you’ll never forget where you put them.
  8. Don’t give up something that you enjoy just to save a few dollars. If you love drinking coffee, then buy it. Life is for enjoying not for saving every cent.
  9. Walk with your head held high and with a straight back. You’ll feel more confident.
  10. Say hello to your neighbors. It will make for a more friendly neighborhood.
  11. Smile at strangers. Most will smile back. You’ll make their day, and also yours.
  12. Read a physical book instead of reading on your phone.
  13. Grow herbs on your kitchen windowsill. If you have a garden grow fruit and vegetables. The food will taste much better than what you buy at the supermarket.
  14. Give away items that you no longer need. It’s better if another person can use them instead of cluttering up your house.
  15. If you live alone, get a cat. You won’t regret it.
  16. Feeling stressed or anxious? Go for a long walk, even if it’s raining.
  17. If someone is rude to you, just smile and answer them politely. They won’t be able to continue being rude. You’ll also feel great.
  18. Instead of talking all the time, ask questions and listen to what others have to say.
  19. Don’t fill up your calendar. Leave plenty of free time to do something spontaneous.
  20. Tell your partner that you love them.
  21. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. People that take the stairs live longer.
  22. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day to do something you love.
  23. Buy plants and flowers for your home.
  24. Keep fruit close at hand for whenever you feel like a snack.
  25. Have a lie-in at least once a week.

Do most of the above and I’ll be very surprised if you don’t feel much happier and more at ease.

Let me know if you have any additional tips.