You won’t be able to stop laughing at these

If you have an online business you need a great domain name. But what if you register your domain name without spotting the double meaning? Is that good or bad for business?

Here are 10 domain names that are a mixture of hilarious, stupid, awkward, and embarrassing.

#1 —

This is for a spoof store called Pen Island. I hope you didn’t read the name as I think this one was set up as a joke.

#2 —

According to their website, “Amigone Funeral Home is owned and operated by the 3rd & 4th generations of Amigone family members”.

If you’re lying in a funeral home, there’s no need to ask… Am I Gone?

#3 —

No, this is not the place to find a present for whores. Far from it. It’s a website to help find entertainment industry contacts.

This seems a case of the owner not realizing that this could be read in two different ways.

#4 —

This is a website for Old Man’s Haven Cabins in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

Not to be mistaken for a site about Old Man Shaven.

#5 —

This domain name sounds great for a writing site. A bit similar to #1 above, as it can also be read as The Penis Mightier.

This domain is for sale. Just what you need for your writing blog. Way overpriced though.

#6 —

Campanal is a restaurant in Spain. It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with camping.

In case you’re wondering, the restaurant specializes in Asturian cuisine.

#7 —

No, I haven’t got a hoe. I don’t even have a garden. This is a tourist website for North Lake Tahoe. You might want to visit.

The website says… “Lake Tahoe is a big blue centerpiece, surrounded by massive granite peaks of the Sierra Nevada, with skies reflecting into the largest alpine Lake in North America.

#8 —

This is nothing at all to do with poo life. This is a website that sells pool care products. You might need it in the summer.

#9 —

Nothing wrong with this one, as it’s just a site to find a therapist.

Hang on, why is it called The Rapist? This is more a case of a word having a double meaning rather than just the domain.