I’ll probably miss number 5

These days, it seems like everything is moving towards being digital. From the way we communicate with each other to the way we pay for things, it’s all becoming more and more convenient. But what does that mean for some of the things we take for granted? Here’s a look at nine everyday items that may soon be a thing of the past.

#1 Cash — credit and debit cards will be the primary form of payment

Though it may seem like cash is king, credit and debit cards are becoming the preferred method of payment for many people. They are more convenient than cash and can be used to make purchases both in person and online. Also, many people can save money with the reward programs.

In the last few years, I’ve stopped using cash for most payments.

#2 Newspapers — people will get their news from the internet or TV

The internet and television are quickly becoming the go-to sources for news. They are faster and more convenient than traditional newspapers. These days people tend to get their news from social media or online news sites. The news is more up-to-date.

I stopped reading newspapers a long time ago. I occasionally browse through one in a café but the news is always out of date. It’s news I already read on the internet the day before.

# 3 Landline phones — people will only use cell phones

Cell phones are becoming the only type of phone that many people use. They are more affordable and convenient. Smart phones also come with such a large selection of apps, people can do almost anything with them, including taking photos, paying with banking apps, messaging friends, and more. Landlines just can’t compete.

I haven’t used a landline phone for over 10 years. Some younger people don’t even know what they are.

#4 CDs — music will be downloaded or streamed online

Though CDs are still popular, many people are now choosing to download or stream their music online. With online music you have practically the whole world of music at your fingertips. With a CD you have maybe 10 songs at most.

As with the landline phone, I haven’t owned a CD for over 10 years.

# 5 Car keys — cars will be started with a remote control

Car keys are becoming more and more high-tech. They can now be used to start the car remotely, making it more convenient for drivers. Condos are increasingly using cards instead of keys these days. Cars are sure to follow.

My wife’s car still has a key. Our condo has a card entry system.

#6 Checkbooks — people will pay bills online or with a credit/debit card/banking app

Though people have been able to pay their bills online for years, more and more people are now choosing this option. It’s more convenient and can save time. With the rise of automatic payments, people can be sure that their bills will be paid on time without having to lift a finger.

I haven’t used a check for well over 10 years.

#7 Pens — people will use a stylus or their finger to write

With touchscreen devices, people are now using their fingers or a stylus to write. It’s more convenient and can be done on a variety of devices. With the advent of voice-to-text, people can also dictate their writing. Handwriting will become a lost art.

I sometimes write with pen and paper but it’s quite rare these days.

#8 Dictionaries — people will look up words online

Though dictionaries are still popular, many people now choose to look up words online. It’s more convenient and can be done on a variety of devices. With online dictionaries, people can easily find the definition of any word they need quickly.

It’s been years since I owned a dictionary.

#9 Books — people will read eBooks or listen to audiobooks

Though traditional books are still popular, many people now prefer to read eBooks or listen to audiobooks. People prefer to use a variety electronic devices and not have to carry a bunch of books around with them. The rise of eBook readers and audiobook apps, people can easily access any book they want at any time.

I rarely read books these days as it’s easier to have my books on a Kindle. Also, my eyesight isn’t great these days. I like being able to adjust the text size on my Kindle.

What do you think will disappear from our lives in the next 20 years?