And she refuses to leave

It seems that these days someone can identify as whatever they want, and the rest of the world has to accept it. Obviously, I identify as a monkey, but that’s a whole different story.

What’s bizarre about the story I’m about to tell you is that the woman in question really seems to think she’s a cat.

In a small town in the northeast of England, an elderly couple noticed that their outside shed door was ajar. The shed is at the bottom of their long garden and is rarely used, so they weren’t sure how long the door had been open.

They looked inside and were startled to see a young woman lying curled on a blanket. She had some food and water in two bowls next to her.

The couple asked the woman what she was doing in their shed. She replied that she was a cat and that cats were allowed to sleep wherever they wanted. As you can imagine, the couple didn’t know what to make of this.

Was this woman playing some elaborate joke on them or was she just plain crazy?

Or did she really identify as a cat?

The woman claimed that her name was Bella. This also seemed odd, because Bella is a common name for female cats. But it could also be a name for a woman. The mystery deepened.

The couple told the woman that she couldn’t stay there and that she’d have to leave. She refused.

The couple decided to leave her stay for the rest of the day and hoped that she’d be gone by the morning.

The next morning, the couple went to check on the woman again. She was still there and still claiming to be a cat.

The couple told her that she really did have to leave right away or they’d have to call the police. The woman refused to leave.

A few hours later, the couple called the police and an officer came to their home. After talking to the woman in the shed, the officer told the elderly couple that she wasn’t committing any criminal offence, so there was nothing he could do about the situation.

He told them they’d likely need to take court action through the civil courts in order to get rid of the woman. If they didn’t want to do that, they could just leave the woman stay and hope that she left of her own free will. Maybe she’d eventually get bored living in the shed.

It’s now a few weeks later and the cat woman is still in the shed. The couple have started to get fond of her and feed her a little food each day. They always need to put the food into a bowl and place it on the floor. The cat woman won’t use cutlery either. After all, have you ever seen a cat eat with a knife and fork?

So, that’s the situation at the moment. The elderly couple have a new pet that lives in the shed.

The world is indeed getting more bizarre by the day.

The couple do not want to be identified, as they don’t want their shed turned into some sort of tourist attraction. They still hope the cat woman will leave, but also admit that they will miss her if she does.

What bizarre stories have you heard recently. Let me know in the comments section.