Clue: Look at what people do not what people say

Yes, I know you’re the special one and really do care, but let’s look at what people are doing not what they’re saying. Anyone can pretend to care. Some even fool themselves into thinking it’s actually true that they care.

I was watching a news report about climate change a while back. The reporter was stopping random people on the street and asking them two questions about climate change. The answers tell you everything you need to know.

First, he asked people if they thought we should use our cars less often. He got replies that you’d expect.

Yes, of course, we should use our cars less.

Cars are polluting, so people should use them less often.


Of course, we should. Isn’t that obvious?

Now, onto the follow-up question. Will you be using your car less often? OK, so now we get to see how much people really care.

Well, I’d love to use my car less, but I need to get to work. Getting the bus would be a hassle.

Translation: No, I won’t be doing anything. I don’t care enough. Let others inconvenience themselves, but don’t expect me to.

I would like to, but commuting by train would take an hour instead of 60 minutes by car. I don’t want to waste an extra hour every day.

Translation: Of course, I don’t care that much about climate change.

And on and on it went. Every single one of them thought “we” should cut back on our car use. But they weren’t included in the “we”.

We = someone else, not me.

But what about those eco-warriors that block roads? They definitely care about climate change and environmental issues, don’t they?

Well, maybe not. According to this story, some of them still take long flights and use environmentally-unfriendly transport. In the story, it claims the leader too- an 8,500 mile flight. Later it claims he traveled around Europe in an environmentally-unfriendly diesel van. According to the article, he then decided to block roads to stop others from traveling.

But what about the climate change agreements?

Oh, you mean those gatherings where all the rich people flew in on their private jets while claiming to care oh-so-much?

Just like so many celebrities that claim to support the cause while flying around the world in their private jets.

So, where are the people that really care?

Yes, I’m sure there are a few of them somewhere, although I’ve yet to meet any in person.

Of course, I meet plenty that claim to care, but their actions never match their words.

Why don’t we just admit it? No one cares. Let’s stop pretending. We’re planning to destroy the planet, so let’s just get on with it without all this stupid pretense.

We all just want others to sort it out. We don’t want our own lives affected in even the smallest way. This is especially true for those in Western countries. Instead of making some sacrifices ourselves, we just expect poor countries to make those sacrifices instead.

If we cared we’d make at least some personal sacrifices. I don’t see anyone doing that. Not in any meaningful way.