Most people can’t figure this out

Lateral thinking doesn’t come easily to most people. It’s a useful skill to have though, and a little practice can help you improve. So, can you figure out the following conundrum?


  • No cheating by Googling the answer
  • No reading what others have already commented

Read the conundrum, try to figure out the answer, and leave a comment.

The answer is at the end of this post. Don’t cheat.

The Conundrum

A doctor was driving home from his shift at the local hospital when he spotted an accident on the road ahead of him. He stopped to see if he could help. On seeing the injured person he exclaimed…

“Oh my God, that’s my daughter.”

He helped get her into the ambulance, which then headed to the hospital. The driver called ahead and asked the hospital to have a doctor on standby, as they had a seriously injured young woman on the way.

When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, a doctor was waiting. The ambulance staff opened the door to transfer the patient to the emergency room. On seeing the patient the doctor shouted…

“Oh my God, that’s my daughter.”

So, how could the injured woman be the daughter of both doctors?

The Answer

Th doctors are the girl’s father and mother.