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How to Set Up a Blog for Just $33 – It’s Easier Than You Think

Many people think setting up a new blog will cost them hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. While that can be the case, there are much cheaper options. I set up this blog over the weekend for just $33. Before… Continue Reading →

Admit It — You Don’t Care About Climate Change — No One Does

Clue: Look at what people do not what people say Yes, I know you’re the special one and really do care, but let’s look at what people are doing not what they’re saying. Anyone can pretend to care. Some even fool… Continue Reading →

Quitting Soda Helped This Woman Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Months

Stop drinking soda if you want to lose weight Sometimes, losing weight can be a fairly simple process. Just like it was for Amanda Ogle, who lost 30 pounds in 3 months just by quitting soda. Losing weight can be easy… Continue Reading →

The Breed Of Dog You Own Can Show Whether You’re Upper Or Lower Class

What type of dog do you have? Did you know that in the UK the breed of dog that you own shows whether you’re upper class or lower class? There is a fascinating book being published this month by Detlev Piltz… Continue Reading →

I’m A Writer — That Makes Me A Lazy Weirdo, Apparently

Many people don’t think being a writer is a “real” job If you have a job as a software engineer, a doctor, a waiter, a nurse, or something similar, most people will take you seriously. But mention that you’re a writer and… Continue Reading →

How I Jumped A Line Of 100 People By Asking A Simple Question

Get over your fear of rejection and magic happens Just like most people, I don’t like rejection. It hurts. It makes me feel self-conscious and stupid. But that’s no reason not to put yourself out there. Get rejected enough and you’ll… Continue Reading →

What Sets Top Writers Apart From the Crowd?

And how you can emulate them So, you want to be a top writer? Did you know that there are certain traits that set these writers apart from the crowd? If we can figure out what they do that others don’t,… Continue Reading →

Read This if You’re Feeling Sad and Depressed Right Now!

There are simple actions you can take to help yourself I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling sad and depressed. It can be a difficult and overwhelming experience, but there are things you can try that may help improve your mood…. Continue Reading →

The Secret to Finding Work-Life Balance in a Busy World

7 things you can try, starting today In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find a balance between your personal and professional life. With the constant pressure to be productive and successful, it can be easy to become overwhelmed… Continue Reading →

Get the Best Night’s Sleep Ever, Starting Tonight

Follow these steps to feel rejuvenated like never before Sleep is important because it allows the body to rest and repair itself. It is also thought to be important for brain function, as it is during sleep that the brain consolidates… Continue Reading →

To Look 10 Years Younger, Stop Doing These 10 Things

Simple solutions to aging that you can implement today We all want to look younger and, luckily, there are lots we can do to help us achieve this. When we look younger, we also feel younger. We’re also likely to… Continue Reading →

The Surprising Benefits of Meditation and How to Get Started

Get 2023 off to a great start! Meditation is a practice that has been around for centuries, but has gained increasing popularity in recent years as a way to reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and enhance overall well-being. While the concept… Continue Reading →

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