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Admit It — You Don’t Care About Climate Change — No One Does

Clue: Look at what people do not what people say Yes, I know you’re the special one and really do care, but let’s look at what people are doing not what they’re saying. Anyone can pretend to care. Some even fool… Continue Reading →

How I Jumped A Line Of 100 People By Asking A Simple Question

Get over your fear of rejection and magic happens Just like most people, I don’t like rejection. It hurts. It makes me feel self-conscious and stupid. But that’s no reason not to put yourself out there. Get rejected enough and you’ll… Continue Reading →

Read This if You’re Feeling Sad and Depressed Right Now!

There are simple actions you can take to help yourself I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling sad and depressed. It can be a difficult and overwhelming experience, but there are things you can try that may help improve your mood…. Continue Reading →

No, Boomers Are Not to Blame

Try taking responsibility for your own life This is a message to those that blame boomers for everything. Can’t afford a house? No problem, just blame the boomers. That will absolve you from any blame. You can sit on your butt… Continue Reading →

Snowflakes Not Welcome Here

Are people too soft these days? Yes. When you look back a generation or two, it seems that people were much tougher than they are nowadays. People would walk many miles to secure work. They’d live through brutal winters without complaining…. Continue Reading →

2 Reasons Why I’m Hoarding Cash, Even as It’s Losing Value

I’m sure it’s the right strategy for me (not for you) The world is starting to get more than a little scary at the moment. Stock markets are dropping sharply, crypto is crashing, inflation is decimating savings, there is a war… Continue Reading →

What I Learned From a Lion Stalking Me and a Friend in Africa

It’s a lesson everyone needs to learn My friend James and I decided to take a day-long hike during our vacation in Africa. We had everything we needed in our backpacks and our route was planned. We set off at daybreak. The… Continue Reading →

I Fell Down the Stairs and Broke My Leg — I’m So Lucky

I was lucky not to break my neck Before you offer me your sympathy, this didn’t happen to me. It’s from some research that I read a few years ago. It’s always stuck with me. I use it whenever I’m feeling… Continue Reading →

When You Say Yes To Something, You’re Also Saying No To Something

Make sure you’re not saying yes to the wrong things Talk to older people and you’ll see that many have lots of regrets. The regrets are usually about things they never did rather than the things the did do. Be careful… Continue Reading →

Easy Choices = Hard Life; Hard Choices = Easy Life

Maybe this is why your life is so hard The average person likes to do what’s easy. The average person has a hard life. Don’t be like the average person. If you want an easy life, you need to do what’s… Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up

Setbacks are inevitable. Plan for them. Whatever goals you’re working towards, you can be guaranteed that they won’t go smoothly. Shit happens. You’ll have setbacks. You’ll feel like giving up. When things go wrong, that’s when many people give up. But… Continue Reading →

What Are You Waiting For? Until It's Too Late?

How about now? I meet so many people in life that just seem to be waiting. Waiting for what? My guess is that they’re waiting to die. That way they don’t need to put in any effort to achieve their dreams… Continue Reading →

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