Setbacks are inevitable. Plan for them.

Whatever goals you’re working towards, you can be guaranteed that they won’t go smoothly. Shit happens. You’ll have setbacks. You’ll feel like giving up.

When things go wrong, that’s when many people give up. But it the time you need to dig deep and keep going.

Pushing through the bad times is what builds your character and makes you stronger. Look at people around you that have succeeded. I can guarantee you that they all went through these tough times. They didn’t give up though.

I often browse the r/entrepreneur sub on Reddit. It’s full of stories of people giving up because of some small mishap. Usually, these setbacks are to be expected, but they still quit.

A common theme is someone starting an ecommerce store, not getting any sales in the first few weeks, and then giving up and trying something else. The people I know who have been successful with ecommerce also had zero sales at some point. But they stuck with it, figured out what was wrong, and fixed it. They didn’t give up. That’s how they learn. That’s how they grow. That’s how they gain confidence.

Giving up just makes you feel like a loser. You build a loser mentality.

On this platform, I see many quitting because they didn’t make as much as they expected in their first month. Yet the writers that I follow often earned a pittance in their first month. They got to be top writers because they pushed through those tough times. They kept writing. They learned their craft. They gained confidence.

Maybe you want to get fit. So you go to the gym and start exercising. You didn’t see much progress in a couple of weeks or maybe pulled a muscle. That’s not the time to give up. Re-evaluate what you’re doing and refocus. Keep going. Those people you see at the gym with toned bodies also had to push through bad times. They stuck with it. They didn’t quit.

It’s the same with relationships. All relationships have their ups and downs. Don’t just give up on your partner because now is a bad time. Fix what’s wrong. Your relationship will grow stronger. Ask couples that have solid relationships. It’s always working through the bad times that strengthened their bond.

In all these examples, you need to keep going if you want to grow stronger.

Success takes work. Don’t give up. Don’t quit.