The biggest mistake we can make is to assume it can’t happen

Usually, we don’t know there is a war until it’s well underway. Then people wonder how we got there. The answer is because we thought it could never happen to us. We then became complacent.

Throughout human history, civilizations have risen and then fallen. Every great civilization eventually fails. The US will also eventually fail. I know that most Americans will think this can never happen, but history shows us that it can and does.

It might not be a dramatic end though. America could just fade away over a few decades.

But it could also come to an end more quickly, via a civil war.

That doesn’t mean that we’ll have a conventional civil war like the last one. There likely won’t be people fighting in the streets, although there could be isolated pockets of this.

US society is at its most polarized state in probably its entire history. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground at the moment. The situation also appears to be getting worse.

We almost had an insurrection after the last election. What will happen if there’s another disputed election?

While politics is very divisive at the moment, we also have a massive debt problem. The financial crisis of 2008 and the recent COVID-19 crisis has sent debt levels spiraling out of control. Someone needs to pay for all these debts.

Either taxes will have to rise or services will need to be cut drastically. Are people just going to stand by and let that happen? I don’t think there’s any hope of that.

There is much talk of taxing the rich, but tax them too much and they’ll leave. That will leave the US even worse off. The wealth creators will be creating wealth in other countries.

Cut service instead and we’ll have riots in the streets. We’re between a rock and a hard place. There’s no easy way out.

Our standard of living is going to continue falling. Inflation is here to stay.

Central bankers are too frightened to raise interest rates by any meaningful amount. If they did it would crash the stock market and crash other asset prices.

But if they don’t raise them, inflation will likely stay high and wipe out what little wealth we have. This will happen more quickly than we expect. Just look what happened in places like Venezuela? Don’t think it can happen in the US? Think again.

People in all countries think it can’t happen to them. Until it does. And then they wonder how it happened.

But you only need to open your eyes a little to see what’s going on. Americans are getting poorer, society is crumbling before our eyes.

Add into that the rise of China and Putin flexing his muscles, and it’s clear that the US is heading for a bad place.

I fear that Americans are sleepwalking into a disaster. Most are in denial. That’s no way to solve this very serious situation.

Soon, I predict some states will refuse to carry out federal orders. The way the country functions now will stop working. All these problems on their own are huge. Together, they could easily overwhelm the system and create a civil war.

I hope not, but the signs are not looking good at all.

Americans never used to talk about a new civil war, but it’s being talked about as a possibility more and more these days. Maybe that’s a sign that it can be averted.

But politicians and people are so divided that I don’t see how we can come to any consensus. The general solution seems to be to kick the can down the road. But we’re almost at the end of the road. The can can’t be kicked much further.

Wake up and see what’s right in front of you. Before it’s too late.