If you want to get slim, take advice from slim people not from overweight people.

I’m a great believer in modeling myself on successful people. They are the ones that are getting it right, so they are the ones you should follow if you want to achieve similar success.

I see this in all areas of life. People that are overweight and want to get slimmer usually ask other overweight people for tips.

Poor people always ask other poor people for tips to make more money.

This is all wrong. You need to be asking the people that have already succeeded.

A slim person knows how to stay slim because they’ve been doing it all their lives.

A wealthy person knows how to build wealth, while a poor person doesn’t.

All you have to do is find out what works out for those that are successful

I’ve been slim for my whole life. I know what I do that keeps me slim. So here are just 4 rules I follow to stay slim.


Eating too much sugar is probably the number one reason that people are overweight. It’s also one of the most destructive substances you can eat and will eventually destroy your health.

The only things I drink are water, black tea and black coffee. Zero/sugar. About 2–3 times a year I may have a few beers.

I also avoid all candy and chocolates, apart from the occasional 99% dark chocolate.

I mostly avoid cakes. I do have around one a week though.

I avoid almost all sauces, because they are packed with sugar. I either make my own or ask for a simple dressing at a restaurant.

I eat some dried fruit, but more as a treat, as it’s another product that’s packed with sugar.


I never feel at my best if I eat too many simple carbs. So I consume smaller portions of bread, pasta, rice, pastries, and similar foods.

I do this more to feel good than to stay slim.

If I feel good I’ll move more and get more done. That means burning more calories. More calories burnt means I’ll stay slim.

I tend to have two main meals a day. I rarely have breakfast. I usually snack on fresh fruit.


I sometimes go through phases where I work out at a fitness center, but that’s increasingly rare these days. Even when I go I do light exercises.

What I do instead is build exercise into my daily routine. I do some exercises at home and some outside where I have the opportunity.

Every morning I do 25 push-ups, 200 jumping jacks and walk up 10 flights of stairs. Late afternoon or early evening I do the same.

During the day I always walk up stairs instead of getting the lift. I walk a minimum of 6,000 steps a day but usually do at least 10,000.

I also walk almost everywhere. I love walking. It’s amazing what hidden treasure you can find if you walk places, even if walking in your home city, the journey is more interesting than the destination.

If you’re new to exercise, consult your healthcare provider first. You can also start with less than the above. If you can only do 5 push-ups and 10 jumping jacks, do that. Build up to higher numbers over a few months.

When I used to work out at a fitness center, I often used to have to take days or week off due to a strained muscle, feeling overworked, etc. I never have any injuries when I exercise lightly.


I eat lots of veggies with my meals. They are feeling and great for your overall health. You’re also less likely to want to snack on junk food during the day if you’re well nourished.

If you eat 5–10 portions of fruits and vegetables every day you’ll feel great. As mentioned above, you will end up moving a lot more if you feel great.

The image at the top shows a typical meal that I may have when I eat out. The meal at Korean chicken, brown rice, and two veggie salads.


That’s all I do. I don’t make any particular effort or deny myself anything. It’s just the way I eat and they way I live.

I think it’s a mistake to go on diets. It’s better to eat healthily all the time. That way you’ll naturally end up at an ideal weight for your body.

This is what I do. It should work for you. But I’m not giving health advice. Seek professional advice before starting a new diet or exercise regime.