Then the police arrived. What a night.

This is the first time in my life that I’ve hit an animal while driving. It was quite a traumatic experience. Just seeing the poor hare lying on the road brought tears to my eyes.

I’d already had a hard day at work and it was dark when I started my drive home. All of a sudden a hare darted out from the left. I hit the brakes and initially thought I’d miss it. If it had kept running I would have.

Then I heard a thud and knew it couldn’t possibly have survived. The hare really was caught in the headlights. It just stopped suddenly.

I pulled up to the side of the road and got out to check, just in case it had somehow managed to survived, but it looked pretty dead.

Then I noticed a police car slowing down. After a bad day at work and killing a hare, the last thing I needed was a police ticket.

The officer got out of his car and looked down at the hare. “It’s not your lucky day is it, sir?” he exclaimed.

He then told me to hang on for a minute and went back to his car. He brought back some kind of package and knelt next to the hare. He opened the package and got a bottle of lotion out. He then proceeded to rub it into the hare’s fur.

Now I was really confused.

All of a sudden the hare leaped up and ran away.

I was stunned.

I told the officer I thought the hare was dead. It sure looked pretty dead to me.

He said it was dead but it was ok now.

I asked what he had rubbed into the hare’s fur.

He told me it was a stroke of luck. His hairline was starting to recede so he had popped into a pharmacy earlier and bought some hare restorer. That’s what he had rubbed into the hare’s fur.

Who would have guessed that hare restorer actually works?