Not bad pay if you can get it

I found out today that ex-Prime Ministers in the UK are entitled to an allowance of £115,000 a year. Margaret Thatcher died at age 87. Liz Truss is currently 47 years old. If she lives to be the same age as Thatcher, she will have received £4.6 million.

That means that she will have earned over £100,000 a day.

And for what? Trashing the economy and making us all poorer. And who’s going to pay for her £4.6 million windfall? We, the poor taxpayers.

That money could be spent on education, healthcare, or a host of other worthwhile worthy projects. Instead, it could go to a person that’s been an utter disaster.

Yes, we are forced to pay for incompetence. It’s not right.

Incompetent people that can’t do their jobs should be sacked without being rewarded for it. There should be no reward for failure.

Most British people are outraged that someone that trashed the economy should be entitled to such a big reward for their failure.

Some have called for her to forgo this allowance due to the circumstances involved. I hope she does that, but it shouldn’t be her choice. There should be rules in place that simply ban these sorts of allowances for the grossly incompetent.

Maybe a fairer way of giving an allowance would be to base it on the length of time served as PM. But even that doesn’t sound right.

Why the hell does she need to be rewarded for 40 years when she’s only done the job for 44 days?

Ex-PMs usually go on to earn vast amounts of money by selling books, making speeches, and joining boards of directors. There is simply no need for taxpayers to be forced to fund such extravagant allowances.

Other people in society do more worthwhile, and even dangerous, work. What allowance do they get? Nothing!!!

It’s a similar situation with some company CEOs. They can help destroy a company, be removed, and then be rewarded for it.

Ordinary employees don’t usually get any rewards, even if their work contributed to the companies thriving.

It’s time we ended this culture of rewarding failures.

And let’s start with stripping Truss of this allowance.