Adapt or die!!!

It’s interesting how we humans seem to hate change. Yet how many of us would give up what we currently have? It’s change that has enabled us to have the life we currently enjoy.

Not all change is easy. Sometimes change seems to be the for the worse, so I think we have the right to have a few complaints in our life. But do we need to constantly complain about every little change? Especially when those changes are inevitable and we know that they’re coming.

Let’s start with Medium, as that’s a favorite topic of complaint on this platform. If you’re using Medium you must know that what stories we get shown are chosen by an algorithm. You must also know that algorithms constantly change. If they didn’t, they would be easily gamed and would stop working properly. So change is essential.

So, knowing all of this, what is the point of complaining? Medium isn’t going to change the algorithm to suit a few writers that are complaining. The changes are made for the benefit of the readers, as they are the paying customers.

The customers have to come first. Don’t you appreciate that as a customer? Imagine having bad customer service someone and complaining about it. Imagine the response being that the service is set up that way for the benefit of the company and employees, so the customers don’t matter. You’d be infuriated. But if you expect the Medium algorithm to work just for a handful of writers, you’re asking for the readers to be ignored.

A Pub or a Bank?

Here’s an interesting story from my hometown that I find quite amusing. In the center of the town, there was a bank in a very large, old building. As internet banking started taking over, the bank had fewer and fewer customers. The bank decided they needed to close that branch and move to a smaller building.

What happened next. Locals started a petition and demanded the bank stay open. They claimed it was that heart of the community and that they’d be lost without it. Even though a new, smaller branch was opening nearby. Despite the bank closed.

Not long after the closure, a bar opened in the building. Over the next few years, it became very popular. More bars opened in the same street, and eventually, this particular bar started losing customers. In the end, it had to close down.

But guess what happened? Locals started a petition demanding the bar stay open. It was the heart of the community they claimed. It closed anyway.

Ask a local today what used to be in what is now an office building, and most would have no idea. They move on and forget that they even signed a petition.

So what was all the fuss about? I’m sure the current employees are more than happy to have a job at that building.

We need to move on, quickly

I know that not all change is great, and we should certainly fight against changes that make our lives worse. But often we’re fighting the inevitable. It’s like we’re trying to hold back time. That will never work.

The more we complain about inevitable changes, the more time we waste. There’s nothing at all to be gained. It’s a better idea to just adapt and move on.

If you take a look around you, you’ll notice that the most successful people don’t complain.

They just adapt to any changes and keep moving forward.

While many on Medium are complaining about algorithm changes, have you noticed what the top writers are doing? They’re writing. Not complaining. They are writers. They write.

If you want to be a writer, just write. Don’t complain.

It’s the same in life. I remember when I first bought a mobile phone. Most of my friends called me stupid for buying something that they claimed was a waste of money. They claimed they would never buy one. Guess what? They all have one now.

Same with the internet. Most dismissed it, but now they can’t get enough of it.

Crypto is the latest thing that most people hate and think is a scam. Guess what? You’ll be using it very soon, whether you like it or not. And once we’re all using it, we’ll wonder how we managed before it.

So, if inevitable changes are coming, embrace them, adapt, and prosper. Don’t be among the ones that fall behind in life because they refuse to adapt until it’s too late.

Adapt or die.