Try taking responsibility for your own life

This is a message to those that blame boomers for everything. Can’t afford a house? No problem, just blame the boomers. That will absolve you from any blame. You can sit on your butt doing nothing but complain. Why bother making an effort when it’s so easy to blame others?

The sense of entitlement in some Western countries is off the scale. Maybe it’s time to toughen up and do something about the life you hate.

Petty jealousy

So, what did the boomers do to upset you so much? More boomers could afford to buy a property than people can these days. Is that it? It sounds like petty jealousy to me.

Yes, it’s tough to buy a property in some cities. I get it. There are cities that I’d like to live in but can’t afford. That’s life. In the world’s best cities, there is more demand than supply.

If we take New York as an example, how would lower prices make any difference? If property prices there dropped 50%, how many more people do you think would turn up wanting to live there? I’d probably head there myself.

There’d be so many potential buyers for each property that you wouldn’t stand a chance of buying anyway. There’d probably be hundreds of potential buyers for each property. What would we do then? Draw lots to decide who could buy?

And just imagine how much corruption would spring up. People would be paying $100K+ just to ensure they won the draw.

It wasn’t as easy as you think it was

And here’s the other thing. Younger generations think it was easy buying a house back in the day, but it wasn’t as easy as they think. Plenty of boomers don’t own property. Plenty of boomers are destitute. If it was all oh-so-easy, they’d all be mega-millionaires.

Many of the younger generation that hate on boomers don’t have a clue. They’re poor now and would have been poor if they lived during boomer times.

They are also too soft. In boomer days, many worked in heavy industry. How many of you would be willing to do that? Very few is my guess. Many are too soft to even work in an office.

You want to live in the 1950s?

So, you want it to be like the 1950s again so that you can buy cheap property? Well, guess what? It’s just like the 1950s in some parts of the US, the UK, and much of the world. Why not go there to buy cheap property?

You likely won’t have a washing machine, a tumble dryer, a fridge, a freezer, a dishwasher, a smartphone, and a host of other things you take for granted. Hell, you won’t even have an inside toilet.

Did you know that in the 1950s, fewer than 5% had central heating in theory homes? No, I bet you didn’t know that.

One reason property prices are more expensive these days is that the properties are better quality. If you want better quality, you need to pay extra. If you want a 1950s house, get one built yourself. It will be pretty cheap, but you won’t want to live in it.

You want an outside toilet?

When we lived with my gran when I was a young kid, the bath was in the kitchen and the toilet was outside. It wasn’t fun going for a pee in the middle of the night in winter. Oh, we didn’t have central heating either. The first person to wake up had to get the wood and coal and start the fire. And that only warmed one room. We used blankets to keep warm in bed.

So, how did the boomers cause the problems you see in the property market? My parents and grandparents worked damn hard to be able to afford their homes. You youngsters would never be able to cope with their lives.

Fancy working down a coal mine? My grandfather died in his 40s because of his job. That’s the reality. Yes, as mentioned above, you even object to working in a modern office.

But you don’t want reality. You want to pretend that boomers sat on their butts all day and got a nice house for next to nothing.

Similar houses still exist. Why don’t you go buy one? Probably because they’re in the wrong area. So what? Start there. That’s what many boomers did.

Younger generations have grown up with such an easy life that many have become too soft. They can’t even cope with a little adversity. They want everything. And they want it now.

The blame game won’t help you at all

This blame game won’t do you any good at all. It’s you that suffers. The more you blame, the more helpless you’ll feel. How can you possibly move forward in life if you spend all your energy blaming others?

If you were born in America, you already won the lottery. If you can’t cope there, imagine what life is like for the rest of the world.

It’s time to grow up. It’s time to toughen up. It’s time to drop your sense of entitlement. It’s time to stop blaming others and build your own life.

Instead of blaming others, why not ask successful people of your generation how they made it? If they bought their own houses, why can’t you? Learn how to build success. But some effort in.

No, I’m not a boomer. Sorry to disappoint you.