Stop drinking soda if you want to lose weight

Sometimes, losing weight can be a fairly simple process. Just like it was for Amanda Ogle, who lost 30 pounds in 3 months just by quitting soda.

Losing weight can be easy for some people and difficult for others. We’re all different. But it’s worth considering if you’re eating or drinking something obvious that’s helping you add those pounds.

I recently wrote about a work colleague that lost around 10 pounds just by making one small change to his diet.

And here we have a woman that’s managed it just by giving up soda.

Amanda started drinking soda at a young age and used to get through 5 or 6 cans of it every day. She says that at age 10 she even thought of herself as a fat kid.

Amanda put down the soda drinking to the fact that she hated her body. I’m sure many people have similar thoughts these days. She says that eating and drinking soda made her feel better.

At age 14 she weighed 190 pounds.

The crunch came during her freshman year at college. She decided that enough was enough. Soda was bad for her, so she needed to give it up.

Giving up was not easy though. She decided to go cold turkey and had terrible sugar cravings and constant headaches. This shows how bad sugar is for your body. You get withdrawal symptoms just like you do from illegal drugs.

It took about a month before her cravings subsided. It was tough, and there were many times she just wanted to go back to drinking soda. But she stuck it out.

After a few weeks, people started telling her that she was losing weight. At first, she refused to believe it. But then she noticed that her jeans had become baggier on her. Maybe it was true.

She had a sporting event coming up so ordered a smaller t-shirt than usual. She hoped it would fit. When it arrived she tried it on. Not only did it fit, but it was a little loose. It was true. She was indeed slimmer.

After 3 months without drinking soda, Amanda had lost 30 pounds. All she’d done is cut soda from her diet. She estimated that the soda contained 800 calories a day and 220 grams of sugar.

She was so amazed at the change that she decided she never wanted to go back to how she was. She now exercises regularly and has lost an extra 10 pounds.

Has she gone back to drinking soda at all?

She allows herself one soda a year at Christmas time.

If you want to lose weight you may also want to try cutting soda from your diet. It could be just what you need.