That’s it — the secret to the good life

Yes, I know you’re special and I know you’ve got an extra special excuse for not doing whatever you don’t want to do. I know because I wrote the book of excuses. I know them all. And that’s just all they are — excuses. Nothing more. Nothing less.

So why do you keep making them? Oh yes, I forgot. You’re an extra special case. Let’s cut out the BS. If you don’t want to do something, then don’t do it. But stand up and admit it. Don’t hide behind some lame excuse. You know it’s an excuse. I know it’s an excuse. Everyone knows it’s an excuse. You just make yourself look weak.

The other week I was watching a news program about climate change. The news reporter went around town asking people whether they thought people should help the climate crisis by using their cars less. Of course they thought that. Every single person the reporter asked thought it. Or at least they said they thought it.

You might think that’s great news for the environment. If everyone’s going to be driving less, that is sure to help, isn’t it? Not so fast. We haven’t covered the excuses yet. And we know there’ll always be excuses. After all, everyone is an extra special case.

So next the reporter asked if they were personally going to cut down on using their car. Oh, they’d love to and wish they could. But the thing is that they have a bad hip so need their car to get around. Ok, fair enough. Next. Yes, they’d like to, of course. But the thing is they need their car for work. Public transport isn’t great around these parts. Next. It’s the kids. The kids need the car to visit their gran. Just one BS excuse after another.

Why can’t people just admit that they have no intention of giving up their cars? Ever. That would be the honest thing to stay. It would also be the truth. Plenty of people don’t have cars, yet they still manage to get around with their dodgy hip. They still manage to get to work. They still manage to get the kids to see their gran. That shows all the excuses for what they really are. BS.

So, are you going to head down to the gym after work today? Oh, I’d love to. If I didn’t have a bad knee I would. So when it’s better next week I’ll see you there? Well, maybe not. It’s the day I have to look after the kids. OK, the week after. Oh, that’s the day of my works party. Just own up. If you don’t want to go, then just say so.

Why are you making so many excuses? It’s your life.

Do whatever you want to do. Don’t do whatever you don’t want to do. But please, just be honest about it.

If we were all more honest maybe we’d all have a better life. Surely that’s much better than going around making excuses all day long. It’s exhausting.