What type of dog do you have?

Did you know that in the UK the breed of dog that you own shows whether you’re upper class or lower class?

There is a fascinating book being published this month by Detlev Piltz that explores the differences between upper and lower class people in the UK. The book is called England: A Class of Its Own: An Outsider’s View.

Detlev moved to the UK in 1961 when he was 16 years old. When he first arrived he stayed with Theresa May’s family. In case you don’t know, Theresa May was recently Prime Minister in the UK.

Detlev fell in love with England and spent years observing the differences between the classes. The UK has a class system and almost all British people know where they fit into the hierarchy. Foreigners may not notice the difference, but they are all too obvious to British people.

What you call your meals, how you drink your tea, what car you drive, and what doorbell you have can all indicate what class you belong to.

But what stood out to me the most was that what breed of dog you own can also be an indicator of class.

Of course, not everyone who owns a certain breed of dog will fall neatly into the upper or lower class. There is some crossover. But the breed gives an indication.

So what dog breeds are favored by the upper and lower classes?

Upper Class Dogs

If you own one of these breeds you are more likely to be upper class than lower class.

Labrador, corgi, golden retriever, King Charles spaniel, Jack Russel, whippet, Dalmatian.

You may be aware that the queen owns corgis. You can’t get any more upper class than the queen.

Lower Class Dogs

If you own one of these breeds you are more likely to be lower class than upper class.

Rottweiler, poodle, Afghan, cocker spaniel, collie, Doberman, bull terrier, Alsatian.

If you own one of these, don’t shoot the messenger. These aren’t my observations.

My parents owned an Alsatian when I was born. I’d class them as middle class.

What breed of dog do you own?