If I succeed, it will be a new record for me

There are 30 days in April, so I only need to write two articles a day to reach my target of 60. Easy, right? Last month I set a target of 55 stories but only managed to write 47. I need to up my game.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I model myself on other successful writers. One such writer is Peter White. Peter earned $3,400 in March, in what was only his second full month on Medium. He wrote 68 stories last month.

So, why not set a target of 68? No particular reason. It’s just that I like round numbers. 60 is achievable. Maybe I’ll change that to 70 later in the month. Right now I don’t want to set a target that’s too high. If I start falling behind, it will de-motivate me.

When setting my targets I have to take into account how my mind works and how much time I’ll have to write. My wife will be away for around 10 days this month so that should help me get more writing done.

Another reason that 60 is a good target is that I might make that my target for every month until the end of the year. That would mean an extra 540 posts this year. I published 212 up until the end of March.

That means I’d get to 752 by 31 December. I’d be very happy with that. No, scrap that. I’d be jumping with joy.

It would be close to my next target of 1,000 stories. Once I reach that I will have a big evaluation of my future writing plans. But getting 60 articles written every month does sound a bit daunting right now.

I’m also planning some long-term travel very soon, so that could impact my writing.

What are your writing targets for this month and this year?

I realize that setting targets are not suitable for everyone. For me, they’re pretty essential. If I don’t have a target to aim for I’ll just get lazy. I’m a very lazy monkey when I don’t have goals to work towards.