Staying at home is not good for our mental health

Millions of people have been working from home for the past couple of years. However, it’s time to get back to normal. We all need to head back to the office. Here’s why.

Many People Don’t Have a Dedicated Space at Home

If you’re one of the few that has a dedicated office in your home, then you’re one of the lucky ones. For the majority, working from home means they have to make do with inadequate workspace and seating.

This may work for a short period, but it’s not sustainable over many months or years.

Working in a cramped space that’s not fit for purpose often leads to both physical and mental problems.

A lack of adequate space also means you may have to share this inadequate space with others in your household that are also working from home. That’s not to mention the children and pets sharing the space as well.

Working from an office that has a dedicated workspace and functional desks and seating is far more comfortable.

Parents That Have Young Children at Home Can Become Too Easily Distraction

I remember discussing with a work colleague how I loved the peace and quiet of working from home. He replied that I would think about it differently if I had pre-school children at home, which he did.

He said he found it difficult to get his work done properly because the children were so much of a disruption. I have heard the same from others.

When we’re back at the office, we don’t have these distractions.

Energy Bills Are Higher for Remote Workers

When you work from the office you’re likely away from your home for around 10 hours Monday through Friday. When working from home it means you’re there an extra 50 hours a week.

That means an extra 50 hours of heating or cooling your property. That can raise your energy costs substantially. Your employer may contribute to this, but many don’t. You’ll be saving on commuting though, so that may help balance it out a little.

When we’re at the office we’re saving 50 hours a week on energy bills.

Domestic Violence May Increase for Homeworkers

I’ve read many reports of domestic violence increasing during the pandemic when millions were forced to work from home.

If we continue to work this way it is likely to continue. If you’re in a situation where domestic violence is affecting you, I’d suggest seeking help as soon as possible.

Getting back to the office can mean that tempers are less frayed and the home situation much calmer.

Businesses That Rely on Office Workers Have Been Shutting Down

By getting back to the office we’re helping preserve jobs and businesses. Many businesses rely directly on office workers. Without them, they just can’t survive. Many such businesses have already closed down and more are threatened.

Those businesses supported us in the past when we worked from the office. Let’s return the favor by getting back to the office and supporting them.

We Can Get to Know Our Fellow Workers

Many new workers work remotely that have never met their fellow workers in person. Humans are social animals. We thrive on these social connections. Without them, we can end up feeling lonely and isolated.

Loneliness is known to negatively affect our health. People that feel lonely tend to die at a young age.

Yes, we can use Zoom, but it’s just not the same. It’s during coffee breaks and lunch breaks at the office that we can get to know our fellow workers. You can’t get that on Zoom.

When I worked in an office, going out to lunch with co-workers and meeting up with other teams helped make for a more productive and friendly environment.

Life Will Feel Normal Again

Two years of the pandemic has affected billions of people in a very negative way. The more we try to hang on acting like we’re still in a pandemic, the harder it will be for us to recover.

Getting back to the office will give us a sense of normality being returned. That is good for both our physical and mental health.