You’ll get found out when we meet

I should first of all point out that I’m happily married and that this story is from before I met my wife. I thought I’d better mention that before my wife reads this and files for divorce!

Anyway, quite a few years ago I was single again after a long-term relationship ended. I thought I’d try some online dating. What could be better than flicking through some photos and choosing the woman that you think you’re a good match for. I felt like a child in a candy store.

As a man, I knew that finding a date wouldn’t be easy. After all, I’d already run a crazy test that shows how hard online dating is for men.

I contacted a few women but didn’t get any replies. See, my crazy test results were true!

I then came across the profile of a pretty Filipina woman. Her photo was taken in the park and she looked very natural. She was either not wearing make-up or only a minimal amount. I don’t like too much make-up on women, so she seemed ideal.

Anyway, back to the Filipina woman whose name was Michelle. We arranged to meet for a coffee at the weekend. I was looking forward to it. She was going to be arriving by train at Liverpool Street station. Non-British people may assume that this station is in Liverpool, but it is in fact in London.

Michelle messaged me to tell me what train she was on so that it would be easier to meet her. I got to the station early and waited for the train. She was bound to be easy to spot because I didn’t think many Asian women would be arriving thee by train on a weekend.

The train pulled in and the passengers started getting off. I couldn’t see anyone that looked like Michelle. However, I saw an Asia woman that looked around 10 years old and maybe 10 pounds heavier than Michelle. When I say Michelle, what I really mean is the photo of Michelle.

The older woman spotted me and came over. You must be Mike, she said. I’m Michelle. My heart sank.

We went for a coffee but didn’t hit it off. She was a friendly woman and I could see her more as a friend than a girlfriend. It also turned out that she had two children, which her profile hadn’t mentioned.

We spent a pleasant couple of hours together, but there just wasn’t any spark. We said our goodbyes and didn’t make any arrangements to meet again.

I was surprised when she emailed me the next day. She said she’d talked to her two 12-year old sons about me and that they would like to meet me. She would cook dinner at their home. I was astounded.

I was looking forward to meeting a single Filipina woman with no children. I ended up meeting an older, divorced Filipina with 2 children. It seemed that she didn’t think there was anything odd about this at all. I made my excuses and we never contacted each other again.

Ladies, please include a more recent photo on your dating profile. And don’t omit important bits of information. It is obvious that you will get found out when you go on a date. It’s not a great start to any relationship.

Have you had any strange online dating experience? Let me know in the comments.