27 possible dangers of drinking coffee

If you believe the hype, coffee is a super drink that will keep our hearts healthy and help us live longer.

Don’t Believe The Hype — Public Enemy

Maybe Public Enemy had coffee in mind when they wrote that awesome tune.

There is certainly a dark side to coffee though. It’s not some innocent drink that only does good. Coffee can cause serious illnesses, especially if abused. If you take addictive drugs (coffee) there’s always a chance of abuse developing.

So, what’s wrong with coffee?

The points below apply to drinking coffee that has caffeine, not decaffeinated coffee.

#1 — Coffee can cause insomnia — I’ve had many sleepless nights caused either by coffee that was too strong or by drinking it too late in the day.

#2 — Coffee can cause anxiety — This is especially true for those that already have some kind of anxiety disorder.

#3 — Coffee can cause nervousness and restlessness — If I have 3 or more cups of coffee, I almost always start to feel a little nervous and restless.

#4 — Coffee can cause increased heart rate — This is something that always happens when I drink coffee. It’s usually 5–10 bpm higher after coffee.

#5 — Coffee can cause headaches — This s especially true if you go without your regular cup of joe.

#6 — Coffee can cause stomach upsets and diarrhea — This is fairly common.

#7 — Coffee can cause palpitations — These are usually harmless although they can be quite alarming.

#8 — Coffee can cause ringing in the years — I’ve had this occasionally. It’s not pleasant at all.

#9 — Unfiltered coffee can raise total cholesterol levels — Which might increase the risk of developing heart disease.

#10 — Unfiltered coffee can raise LDL (bad) cholesterol levels — Which might increase the risk of developing heart disease.

#11 — Unfiltered coffee can raise triglyceride levels — Which might increase the risk of developing heart disease.

#12 — Coffee might be responsible for triggering a heart attack in some people — Which could lead to death. Nothing more to add there.

#13 — Coffee can cause nausea and vomiting — This is especially true if you drink it on an empty stomach.

#14 — Coffee can cause fatigue — This happens to me when I drink coffee every day for a few months. I get more and more fatigued. The fatigue disappears if I stop drinking coffee.

#15 — Coffee can raise blood pressure — This happens to me. My blood pressure is almost always higher after drinking coffee.

#16 — Coffee may cause GERD — If you already have it, it can make it worse.

#17 — Coffee can cause muscle breakdown — Rhabdomyolysis is a very serious condition.

#18 — Drinking coffee can lead to addiction in some people — I think this has happened to me.

#19 — Coffee can lead to incontinence — Coffee can overstimulate the bladder, which can lead to incontinence. That doesn’t sound very pleasant.

#20 — Drinking more than 4 cups of coffee a day is linked to early death in men — That’s according to a Mayo Clinic partnered study.

#21 — Coffee increases the risk of a heart attack in young adults — So says a study by Dr. Lucio Mos.

#22 — Coffee linked to gout attacks — According to this article.

#23 — Coffee may reduce fertility in women — According to a study from The University of Nevada School of Medicine.

#24 — Coffee can increase the risk of miscarriage — According to a recent study.

#25 — Coffee can worsen menopause symptoms — According to a study published in The Journal of The North American Menopause Society.

#26 — If coffee is consumed with sugar, it can contribute to diabetes and obesity — According to this source.

#27 — Coffee could lead to a greater risk of bone fractures — This applies especially to those that have osteoporosis.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few of the dangers, but this is certainly enough to get me worried.

I gave up drinking coffee 5 days ago. I’m still suffering from a few withdrawal symptoms.

I Gave Up Coffee — What a Nightmare